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Ashley is a photographer based out of Oahu, Hawaii. She has shot set stills for productions like "Hawaii Five-0", "Last Resort" and for various actors and musicians. In 2014, Kinetic Productions in Hawaii started to represent her as a photographer and quickly she was shooting for clients like Hawaiian Electric Company and Aloha United Way. Expanding her photography to shoot weddings, families and couples seemed natural because she loved shooting people and catching their candid moments.

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1. I am a Canon shooter. I try to shoot my film cameras for my personal work because, why not.

2. This year I got a pup and his name is Blake after my husband’s favorite Blake Griffen(yah, I know). Blake has made us crazy dog people that we notice dogs everywhere now and we spend dates in TJ Maxx deciding on a new toy for our Blake.

3. I’m married and have 2 sons. I’m the only girl and it’s fun to pull the princess card on them once in a while :-).

4. My first trip to Disneyland was in my 30’s. Yes, I cried when I was there for the first time and saw all the magic and happy people. Then the fireworks happened. It’s all overwhelming. ha!

5. I'm pretty funny. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Lol

5 facts about Ashley

Daniel and I are not used to being in front of a camera but Ashley performed a miracle on us that day and got us to look absolutely amazing. First off she was super easy to work with and very encouraging. Naturally at first, being in front of the camera made us feel awkward and self-concious but she easily got us to loosen up and be ourselves. I feel she really listened to our vision for this engagement shoot and captured us at our absolute best. She's not the type of person that would settle for "good enough." She really took the time to get the perfect shot and we were so pleased with the results.  Following our engagement shoot we hired her to shoot our wedding. There was no question, we knew right away she would be great. Our formal shoot was so much fun, definitely a highlight of our wedding day. She handled our wedding party like a pro and had our complete trust the whole way through. Again the pictures came out amazing! She captured our entire wedding beautifully and we are so thankful.

miracle on us that day!"


Fierce God-Lovers & ocean enthusiasts

I love Ashley. She's a great person to be around, very funny, and every single photo that she takes is just incredible. She always captures the best moments and has a great eye. There's no one else I'd rather have on the road with me as my photographer.


"There's no one else I'D RATHER HAVE

aidan james

Ashley is truly a one-of-a-kind photographer. I first met her when I saw some of the photography she did for an event that I had attended. I’m always on the lookout for amazing talent and Ashley was one of them. Finding the right photographer you can rely on to capture the essence of your events, whether professional or personal, is a critical part of any successful endeavor. And when I met Ashley and saw her work, I knew she was a great one! I am so appreciative of her work that I continually hire her for events that I have throughout the year for the company that I work for. Each time that I have hired Ashley, she has never ceased to amaze me. Not only is her work incredible, so is she. Her level of professionalism is stellar, and she is able to move in a variety of different circles effortlessly. She has a knack for interacting with those around her, making them feel comfortable and at ease with a camera in front of them and has a true gift for capturing emotion and energy at its most untainted and candid moments. These magnificent moments are there for you to look back on and relive them.  I’ve not only hired Ashley for professional purposes, but also worked with her personally, when she photographed my daughters and I. With her warm heart and easygoing manner, Ashley made my daughters feel comfortable and relaxed. The images that she took for the three of us, are images that I will always treasure for a lifetime.”



Jody Shiroma 
Vice President, Marketing & Communications 

Ashley did our engagement shoot in Maui, and we absolutely fell in love with everything about her. She's fabulous to work with, so easy to get along with, makes you feel super comfortable and catches those pure organic moments. She captures all the right emotion. Her pictures speak louder than I can ever rant about! I love love love her work. She did our engagement shoot, and I just knew I had to have her at my wedding in California. Worth every dime. I will now, till forever always call Ashley for any photos I need. My sister and her family also have done a family shoot with her and she is terrific with kids!! Words cannot do Ashley justice, you'll just need to see her work and that does it all

you'll just need to see her work and that does it all!"

"words cannot do ashley justice

Marci & Dene
Newlyweds, Foodies & Disneyland Regulars

Ashley is an amazing photographer! She also happens to be an amazing and kind human being as well! Her professionalism, big warm heart, easy-goingness, humor, humbleness, positive outlook, and creativeness is impressive. Working in the film industry, (alongside Ashley), has been a blessing! She is very experienced at what she does. She understands time management, creativeness, humbleness (the ability to listen to others needs), communication, and gets the "big picture". I have seen people who were not used to being in front of the camera, be nervous and shy. Ashley is able to make them comfortable, and soon before you know it, they are open and confident, as if they have been modeling for years. As a makeup artist, and a daughter of a lighting technician/grip, I understand how important lighting is. Ashley is able to understand this element, and is very knowledgeable about this, a extra quality to have as a photographer! And (especially) ladies...and gents...Ashley knows good complimentary angles for the subject that she is shooting! This is always a bonus too! I'm always impressed with her execution and final product. She is amazing. Period. Thank you Ashley for always making "work" seem like "play"! You rock girl!

alongside ashley has been a blessing!"

"working in the film industry 

melody levy
Professional make up artist on feature films such as "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and “Jurassic World"

I have only amazing things to say about Ashley and my wedding photography experience! We knew right away that we were going to to ask Ashley to shoot our wedding in Mexico City! This was no ordinary wedding... this was a combination of a wedding, a family reunion, a tourist excursion, a trip to a foreign country, etc. We wanted EVERYTHING to be photographed; a four-day, non-stop event! High stakes! Ashley did awesome! We were so wrapped up in all the events that we didn't have time to make sure Ashley was getting all the photos we wanted. But, whenever we we looked over at her, there wasn't a minute where she wasn't taking pictures. This was when we could really tell that she LOVES what she does and she truly wanted to capture all the best moments. I felt like she really cared about our events, and because she is such a warm person, she was a natural at being at all the right places at the right time. After getting the photos, we were totally blown away! Ashley captured the most amazing moments and with such emotion, I felt like I was reliving the whole weekend over again! I couldn't have asked for a better person to capture all these special moments. Everyone had such an amazing time in Mexico, and we worked so hard to bring everything together, that I'm so glad we have photos that we can share with our families for years to come.




Four words to describe Ashley: No worry, she get’um!! With a Bride who’s used to being behind the camera, we had complete trust in Ashley to be our Wedding Photographer. She really knows how to connect with people and makes being in front the camera a fun experience. The love that was shared between us, our family, and friends was evident in all of her photos. Everyone embraced her presence and she instantly became part of our o’hana. And, as embarrassing as it was, our Money Dance made for some hilarious photos! Ashley captured our comical antics, as well as our precious moments. Memories we can enjoy forever. 

connect with people"

"she really knows how to 

Kawika & Jamie Ku
Da cowboy and cowgirl in love

Ashley is freakin’ AMAZING and so is her work. My daughter instantly gravitated towards Ashley and that to me, is important. I wanted her to be comfortable. The day of the shoot, Ashley texted me with “Ok the water is too rough. I wanted to take you guys to the point where there’s sand. Too dangerous for baby girl.” I replied back with “She lives dangerously haha.” I was right; Genevieve was jumping and running towards the water, which made for some great shots. Ashley suggested getting a flower crown from Chris of A Bundle of Flowers. Her work is beautiful too! Considering it was last minute, she sure delivered and Gen loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it. As Ashley got close to Gen to take photos of the crown, Gen says “it’s like Snapchat (referring to the flower crown filter).” We cracked up laughing. Ashley shared a few images with me and as I showed my Gen, she looks up to me and says “Mommy, I look beautiful.” My heart melted when she said that. The shoot overall met my expectations and I would re-book and refer Ashley in a heartbeat. She is talented, so easy- going, and funny! 

amazing and so is her work"

"ashley is freakin'  

Eric-Daddy to the Princess, Regina- Queen of all trades, and 5 year old Princess, Genevieve

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